How to get rid of acne pimples on the back?

Caused by an accumulation of dirt, oil deposits or even dead skin, pimples on the back are entitled to almost the same treatment as those on the face. Find out how to prevent acne spots on the back and natural or medicinal treatments to get rid of them.

Acne pimples on the back can be unsightly and even embarrassing. However, they are very common, both among adolescents and adults. As with facial acne , they are linked to excess sebum production by the sebaceous glands. Fortunately, there are solutions to treat them and prevent their appearance.

What causes pimples on the back?

The skin on the back is often oily  : pores become blocked due to dirt and dead skin, leading to the development of bacteria which causes inflammation. Back acne can affect the entire back, or just the lower or upper back.

Acne on the back in women: the hormones involved

In women, acne on the back can appear due to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy , menopause, or even when taking a new pill.

How does this acne on the back appear?

Blackheads, white spots and red papules on the back

Pimples can take the form of simple comedones (blackheads), white pimples or red, firm, sometimes painful papules . But sometimes cystic acne develops with deeper lesions, which can ultimately leave acne scars.

Cystic acne on the back: the most severe

Back acne can result in cysts and nodules causing the appearance of various inflammatory lesions on the skin, which can be painful. Cystic acne can develop on other parts of the body: the buttocks, but also the face, for example.

More rarely, a boil  may appear, particularly on areas subject to skin friction or perspiration.

What are the solutions for back acne?

Treatments for back acne are almost the same as for any type of acne. Although there is no miracle solution for acne, a few simple hygiene gestures and measures can be useful.


Do laundry regularly

During sleep, and throughout the day, dead cells from our body are deposited on our clothes, our sheets, or even our blankets. Remember to wash them and towels regularly to reduce the amount of contact with bacteria. Don't forget your bras, if you wear them, and check that they are not too tight, as this could irritate the skin!

Prefer a  mild, unscented detergent , as some laundry products can irritate the skin and cause spots to appear.

Limit sweating

One of the main causes of back and chest acne is sweating . Clothing that is too tight and made of synthetic material traps bacteria and moisture, preventing pores from breathing and causing breakouts. Choose cotton clothes that are not too tight and take a shower after your sports sessions.

Beware of excess hydration

The skin on certain parts of our body, such as the face, tends to dry out very quickly, especially after a shower. But the skin on the back, which is much thicker, does not have the same problem. There is therefore no point in going too hard with hydration products, as this risks suffocating the skin and encouraging the appearance of spots.

What to do when acne becomes severe?

If your back acne worsens and becomes severe despite precautions and hygiene practices, consult a dermatologist so that he can offer you a specific treatment adapted to your situation. It is then often treated orally with retinoids, an effective treatment but which requires rigorous medical monitoring, and benzoyl peroxide.

How to avoid acne on the back with scrubs?

The pores on our back are much larger than those on our face. To prevent them from turning into acne spots, clean them thoroughly using a scrub two to three times a week . You can also prepare a natural exfoliant made from sugar, honey and lemon juice to get rid of dead skin.

To exfoliate the skin , you can use a sponge or a loofa (washcloth made from 100% natural fibers) to clean thoroughly after each use to eliminate germs.

Good gestures in the shower

In the shower , remember to use gentle products . Drying soaps (such as Marseille soap) or degreasing soaps stimulate the secretion of sebum, therefore the appearance of spots.

If you use conditioner , an oily deposit may remain on the skin. And since the pores of the skin are wide open due to heat, this residue will clog them more easily, leading to breakouts. So remember to rinse your back so as not to clog your pores and to lower the water temperature at the end of your shower.

Essential oils to fight acne on the back

Tea tree essential oil is known for its antibacterial properties, effective against acne. You can apply it directly to the pimples using a cotton swab, cotton pad or tissue. Dab gently and leave for a few hours before rinsing. You can also add a few drops to your moisturizer .

Never pop pimples , either on the back or on the face, as this risks increasing the infection. If the button pops on its own, clean it with hydrogen peroxide.