Loss of voice: four natural remedies to treat it

Whether you lose your voice from talking too much or because of a viral infection (laryngitis), there are herbal remedies to treat the vocal cords and no longer be voiceless. What are the natural solutions for voice loss? We take stock with Dr Erkki Bianco, ENT phoniatrician and phytotherapist.

Obviously, one of the first things to do in case of a broken voice is to avoid speaking, and even whispering, as much as possible. Then, if you want a natural method against broken voice or voice extinction, you should favor anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and stimulating plants.

An inhalation, to calm inflammation of the larynx

The anti-infectious essential oils of eucalyptus , thyme , lavender or mint (menthol) calm local inflammation and the water vapor hydrates the vocal cords, explains Dr Erkki Bianco, ENT phoniatrician and phytotherapist.

Interesting in particular to compensate for the dryness of the mucus in the vocal cords which sets in if we tend to whisper because we are in pain.

How to do ? Pour 1 tbsp. to c. a mixture of essential oils such as Olioseptil Inhalation.

There must always be steam escaping: if you use a saucepan, leave it on the heat which you turn down as low as possible once the water boils, and lean over to the - above it to breathe through your nose and mouth, without covering your head with a cloth so as not to burn yourself, said the doctor. Stay over the steam for at least 10 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. Dr Erkki Bianco

A homemade grog, a remedy that relieves and perks up

In case of loss of voice, Dr. Bianco advises drinking a kind of homemade grog made from lemon, cloves and cinnamon, but without alcohol .

This drink will have an  anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect thanks to the eugenol in cloves: this helps calm the pain. It is also slightly immunostimulating thanks to lemon and cinnamon, and it is useful in the event of a viral infection. Dr Erkki Bianco

How to do ? Boil the equivalent of a large cup of water. Dip seven cloves and one or two cinnamon sticks into the water. Add the juice of two squeezed lemons, also scraping the white pulp with a spoon. Leave to macerate, covered with a plate, for 10 minutes. Filter everything through a strainer and possibly sweeten, for example by adding a spoonful of honey, before drinking.

The ideal is to sip 3 to 4 cups per day, as soon as your voice goes away or you feel a sore throat setting in. The improvement is felt from the second day if the grog is well concentrated.

A duo of plants, in case of viral infection in the vocal cords

If the loss of voice is linked to laryngitis localized to the vocal cords, viral in 90% of cases, it is preferable to resort to cypress and echinacea , two plants with a very effective anti-infectious action.

These plants are also useful in prevention: a reflex to adopt if you lose your voice with each infectious episode.

How to do ? Cypress and echinacea must be used in synergy, in the form of a fluid plant extract (EPS PhytoPrevent) to be requested in equal parts from the pharmacist.

You can swallow 1 teaspoon diluted in a little water morning and evening for prevention, during winter, if you are prone to respiratory tract infections. If one is affected by laryngitis and loss of voice, increase the dose to 1 tsp. coffee, 3 to 4 times a day. Dr Erkki Bianco

This combination also exists in the form of tablets or capsules: you must then swallow 6 to 8 per day, for 5 days.

A propolis spray to quickly soothe your broken voice

In the event of loss of voice, a mouthwash spray helps calm the irritation and inflammation of the pharynx by depositing a soothing film which lines the mucous membranes. The ideal is to choose it with  propolis , because it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties as well as a slight anesthetic and hydrating effect.

This type of spray can replace mouthwash sprays based on chlorexidine if you prefer a natural solution. Dr Erkki Bianco

How to do ? We opt for a throat spray based on propolis (propolis mouth spray, Ladrôme or Oropolis). This can also be combined in the same spray with anti-infectious essential oils, useful in cases of laryngitis (throat spray, from Phytosun Arôms).

Spray up to 6 times a day, avoiding drinking or eating immediately afterwards so as not to lose the “coating” effect of the product. To be used as a treatment for 5 days. Avoid if allergic to bee products.

What are the causes of my loss of voice?

Among the different causes of voice loss, we can cite:

  • An ENT infection: a loss of voice is most often of viral origin, it is therefore caused by a coldlaryngitisnasopharyngitis , etc.;
  • Trauma to the larynx and/or vocal cords: “it is linked for example to intubation (introduction of a very thin tube into the trachea, through the mouth or nostril), particularly during a surgical procedure”, indicates Health Insurance (source 1);
  • Overwork or vocal abuse: it is a common cause of voice extinction and occurs in people who have used their voice excessively: they have spoken too much, shouted, sung, etc.;
  • A benign tumor of the vocal cords  : benign (non-cancerous) lesions such as nodules , cysts  or polyps  can alter the voice. More rarely, it may be a malignant tumor. Laryngeal cancer can occur particularly in cases of heavy smoking, often associated with alcohol consumption…

If the loss of voice persists after a few days , it is recommended to make an appointment with a doctor and seek  medical treatment .