Stress is the evil of the century, and even more so since the Covid-19 pandemic. What essential oils are used against stress and its symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, diarrhea? Answers and advice from Isabelle Pacchioni, co-founder of Laboratoire Puressentiel.

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"Essential oils are extraordinary in the management of stress and its various manifestations such as bad moods, emotionality, headaches, palpitations, chest tightness, involuntary and painful contractions of the muscles of the solar plexus, intestines, shoulders or back, excessive sweating," says Isabelle Pacchioni, co-founder of Laboratoire Puressentiel.

 Stress is one of the most studied therapeutic areas by scientists around the world, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic.

 "Among the essential oils that arouse their curiosity, we can cite those of True Lavender, small grain bigarade but also all the essential oils derived from citrus (citrus fruits), such as sweet orange, bergamot or neroli essential oil," says Isabelle Pacchioni.

These different essential oils balance, relax, calm and soothe the mind, the nervous system. They calm the entire body over-stressed, exhausted by adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol which are the stress hormones. There is real proof of effectiveness published in numerous scientific journals and indexed on research bases such as Pubmed, ScienceDirect... 

 To love the essential oil you choose

As there are many essential oils that are effective against stress, the aroma and scent of the chosen oil (or synergy of essential oils) should be appreciated by the stressed person. Everyone has personal olfactory sensitivities.

Anti-stress essential oils: how to use them?

    Essential oils active on stress can be used in application on the skin: in massage, in the bath, in the shower, and in olfaction. These two ways of administration act quickly, are safe and pleasant to use, explains Isabelle Pacchioni. 

The small grain bigarade and the sweet orange, massaged before bedtime.

Two drops of essential oil of petit grain bigarade and sweet orange to be mixed with ten drops of sweet almond vegetable oil. The mixture can be applied to the solar plexus and on the inner side of the wrists. To breathe deeply 10 times in a row. For adults and children over 7 years old to relax and limit the risk of insomnia.

The small grain bigarade and sweet orange in bath to relax

One drop of essential oil of petit grain bigarade and four drops of sweet orange to be mixed with the equivalent of two caps of Puressentiel neutral base for bath and shower. Pour the mixture into the bath or rub with it in the shower. 

 Dry inhalation on a handkerchief to quickly combat stress.

Apply a drop of essential oil of petit grain bigarade and a drop of essential oil of sweet orange on a handkerchief and breathe deeply for 5 minutes or more if necessary.

On air to relax with the family

Three drops of essential oil of petit grain bigarade and 20 drops of sweet orange in the bowl of the essential oil diffuser. Let diffuse 15 to 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day as soon as stress arrives.

Orally for those over 15 years of age

Deposit a drop of small grain Bigarade and sweet Orange on a neutral tablet. To take as soon as one feels stress or 3 times per day during 10 to 15 days in a row.

Exams, insomnia, nervousness, depression, stomach aches: effective essential oils

The manifestations of stress are numerous: insomnia, nervousness, depression, stomach aches. They can appear before taking an exam, in case of overwork, chronic stress... "One can associate a synergy of essential oils", Isabelle Pacchioni suggests. 

    The small grain bigarade and the sweet orange are complementary in their scent, their taste, as well as in their composition of active molecules.
    The essential oils of true lavender and marjoram with shells are also very effective in combination.

"These two aromatic cocktails will act on all aches, discomforts, malaise, memory problems, concentration problems during exams, learning difficulties, caused by a nervous system that is mistreated and tired, or even exhausted," says Isabelle Pacchioni.

Anti-stress massages: choose oils with a sweet scent

To escape from the daily worries, you should choose essential oils with a soft, reassuring, soothing scent such as neroli, white sandalwood, bergamot, tangerine or patchouli.

We can combine together essential oils of mandarin and patchouli, as well as those of white sandalwood and mandarin or neroli and bergamot," Isabelle Pacchioni suggests. We think to dilute them: 2 drops of each of the 2 essential oils chosen in a tablespoon of vegetable oil slippery, softening, soothing as those of sweet almond, argan or organic macadamia. »

Before the massage, to approach this moment of relaxation, a good bath or an aromatic shower are welcome. We then use the different synergies of anti-stress essential oils proposed: 3 drops of each of the 2 essential oils chosen in a tablespoon of neutral base for the bath and shower.

Bracelet or roll-on anti-stress?

The roller allows, with a single ready-to-use product, to combine the olfactory and cutaneous pathways. Thus, the essential oils will penetrate the body through the respiratory tracts and the skin to reach the brain and the general micro-circulation. To be used from 7 years old.

The Stress Roller with 12 essential oils Puressentiel has been the subject of an effectiveness study as part of a program to prevent stress and burn-out through the use of essential oils at the Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna.

Cat, stressed dog: can we use essential oils?

In cats, the direct use of essential oils on the animal is very dangerous. It is totally contraindicated.

In dogs, they can be used after consultation with a specialized veterinarian.