Heavy eyelids in the morning and even more in the evening or marked dark circles ... Your eyes deserve a little attention. Treatments, make up, exercises, we tell you everything to start the day and end it in style. Objective lightness!

Waking up with puffy eyes happens at any age. Fatigue, poor sleep in a room that is too hot or not ventilated enough are causes that can improve. Weakness of the lymphatic system too, but less easily. Solutions that work.

1. Before getting up, the eye gym to drain

  When you wake up, take a few minutes before getting out of bed and, eyes closed, roll them in their orbit, without forcing, in all directions. From left to right, top to bottom, have them do eights. It is a question of gently awakening all the small fibers of the 22 eye muscles and reactivating the circulation of the lymph slowed down during the night.

2. Apply cold, to restart the microcirculation

  Apply cold in all its forms: as a splash of cool water or as a water spray on the eyelids. At night, the lack of muscle movement caused fluid to stagnate in the tissues. 

3. A treatment to decongest the eyelids

  First, what is needed is to rehydrate the epidermis of the eyelids. When it is enriched with circulatory or draining active ingredients (escin or horse chestnut, red algae, caffeine), the treatment stimulates exchanges. 

 The treatments that come with a metal applicator are precious for their fresh effect. The product should come out easily without you having to press on your eyelids. The other great advantage of these little roll on tubes is that you can take them everywhere in your bag and rehydrate your eye area several times during the day. A very effective reflex to adopt.

  How to apply it? Starting on the lower eyelid, then working on the upper eyelid until you reach the eyebrow. Without ever moving the tissue, starting from the inner corner towards the crow's feet and temple. 

"To follow the natural movement of the lymph flowing in this direction," explains Brigitte Delgrange, esthetician. Preferably with light smoothing strokes rather than tapping. The latter tend to make a call for liquids in the tissues, which therefore gives an additional work to the lymphatic system, which will then have to drain these liquids. "

4. Apply the concealer in 4 steps

 "Deep circles are one of the trickiest things to do," says Sandra Guidici, makeup artist. And we still haven't found anything better than concealer makeup.

 " I hydrate the entire eye area well.

 I apply my foundation or BB cream.

 If the ring is dark, I neutralize the color of the ring with a corrective base. To be applied with precision on the line of the ring with a concealer brush. A green base if the circles are light or in case of small redness, or an apricot base if the circles are dark, bluish-purple.

 Either way, I blend with a skin tone concealer.

 And also ... If you are not putting on foundation, you can apply the concealer on its own as long as you heat it on the back of the hand so that it blends in well with the skin without demarcation. In eyeshadow, pencil or eyeliner, avoid shades based on red or blue, not plum or purple. Yes to the brunette if he doesn't pull on the redhead. Steel gray always looks great on brown eyes. Your best bet is to keep it simple on the eyes, emphasize the mascara to open up the eyes, and draw attention to the mouth with a pretty pink.  

5. Make up of the eyes: no clear on the swelling

  Clear highlights, the opposite of what we are looking for! Identify the various small swollen areas, above, below, at the inner or outer corner and never apply any light shadow, no specific radiance touch. “Of course,” says Sandra Guidici, makeup artist, “you can apply her foundation or a BB cream on the swelling: this standardizes everything and reduces the relief created by the swollen areas. " 

What also matters is not to weigh down the eye more with eyeliner or a smokey eye. 

 “Go for fresh, soft shades in light shadow, on the mobile eyelid. The idea is not to draw attention to the eyes with colors, to just apply your mascara well and emphasize the eyebrow, the key point of the gaze.

6. During the day, regularly close your eyes

  Consider taking regular breaks to rest your eyes. By closing our eyes, we cut off 60% of external stimuli.

     "This visual silence connects the body to the parasympathetic nervous system, that of relaxation," says Brigitte Delgrange. This also promotes better autonomous drainage. By placing your palms in front of the eyes, the effect is multiplied. "

7. In the evening, soothe the eyes with floral water 

 Time spent on the computer screen, pollution, pollens, these attacks on the eyes are the cause of muscle tension and irritation that can be calmed by applying, to his closed eyelids, compresses soaked in cornflower or chamomile floral water, both decongestant plants. Thermal water is also perfect.

Do not hesitate to lie down for 10 minutes with a relaxation eye mask. There are a lot of them on the market. Note: some are placed in the fridge before each use. Special mention for the mask with amaranth seeds (Thousand Pillows): with its featherweight, its soft and naturally fresh mass, it conforms to the shape of the eyes and relaxes the muscles and eyelids.