As January 1 approaches, when Lionel Messi will be free to sign up with any team of his choice, Neymar has decided to put a part back in the machine. The Brazilian has openly expressed his willingness to play again under the same jersey as the six-time Golden Ball. A wish shared by the Argentinean according to his former agent, Josep Maria Minguella.

"The best years of Neymar in football, the moment when he was the most fulfilled, is when he was alongside Leo at Barça," he said to the Parisian. Leo also wants to play with Neymar again. Desire is mutual. He's been trying to get Neymar back to Barça for several years. Several times he suggested it to his leaders. There is a common desire and desire to be teammates again, because they are competitors. They know they will have more possibilities to win titles by being together. But for the moment, there is nothing concrete. "

“My impression is that (Leo) is feeling very good at Barça and that he will wait for the result of the presidential election on January 24. Depending on the new president's sporting project, he will decide to negotiate an extension or to go free. PSG? Yes, it is a possibility. There are Neymar, Di María, a lot of Spanish speaking players. [...] It is a city and a club which are attractive for any player today, including Leo, ”he adds.