For some, retirement is still a long time away, and for others, it is imminent! Anyway, what if stopping work meant a change of life and country? Rankings of the best countries to retire are regularly published, taking into account elements such as the health system, quality of life, fiscal pressure and even material well-being. In Europe, but also in the rest of the world, there are a multitude of countries which seem to be tailor-made for the reception of retirees, in order to make this moment of life a period of discovery, change of scenery and happiness.

10- Luxembourg

In tenth position in this ranking, we find the small country bordering France, Luxembourg. If many French people choose this state to spend their retirement, it is perhaps in the first place because they have heard about its interesting taxation. Indeed, Luxembourg is reputed to be a tax haven. But there are many other reasons to settle there to live peaceful days. The territory is indeed one of the safest in the world, it benefits from a very good health system and its cultural activity is important there. We visit superb castles, we walk or cycle in green nature reserves and the country is a real crossroads between France, Germany and Belgium for short getaways quickly accessible.

9- Australia

Direction the end of the world to reach Australia, its remarkable air quality and its vastness. Of course, making the decision to go to this island is not done lightly, it takes about twenty hours by plane to make the trip to France and that necessarily means seeing loved ones less often. But for nature lovers, the choices for hiking are sure to be endless. The Australian bush and its wonders like Uluru, national parks and their desert regions but also the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays Islands and their paradisiacal beaches offer diverse and unforgettable experiences. Without forgetting the cities where culture is in full swing, like Sydney and its mythical Opera.

8- Canada

To retire in Canada, you must apply for a permanent resident visa at the Délégation générale du Québec in Paris and at the country's embassy. For some French people, Quebec remains the place of choice to settle down and grow old in peace for the simple reason that French is spoken there. Canada is generally renowned for its material well-being, for its attractive cities such as Montreal, its old quarter and its Mount-Royal Park, but also for the great diversity of landscapes that there is to discover. How not to think of the Saguenay Fjord, Jasper National Park and its exceptional fauna and its many mountain lakes with turquoise water such as Moraine Lake, to name but one.

7- Denmark

Back to Europe and more specifically to Northern Europe to settle this time in the country where people are the happiest in the world: Denmark. It's no secret that the quality of life is remarkable and the population is smiling and welcoming. Copenhagen is a superb capital on a human scale where it is pleasant to stroll on the seafront and in its green gardens. And how not to fall under the spell of the colorful houses of the Nyhavn district by the canal? In the rest of the country, there is plenty to keep your days busy by going to see the architectural and natural wonders of Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Sonø Lake and the mansions and castles of the island of Funen.

6- Sweden

Let's stay in Northern Europe but this time put our suitcases on the side of Sweden. The quality of life and the health system remain strong there. Its main cities, Stockholm and Gothenburg, have lovely green spaces for morning jogging. These include Rosendals Trädgård and Slottsskogen Forest Park, respectively. It is also a destination of choice for spending retirement making the most of winter sports. The Riksgränsen resort and the Åre complex welcome skiing and hiking enthusiasts in the mountains. Not to mention the possibility of visiting Sweden by bike, for example along the Göta Canal, which reveals lakes and colorful wooden houses that are emblematic of the country.

5- New Zealand

New Zealand's financial, health and quality of life ratings are excellent and make the country another great end of the world destination to settle in for retirement. The reception of the population is legendary there, the territory is renowned for its benevolence and above all there is the beauty of the landscapes which are sure to attract lovers of large natural spaces. The ascent of Mount Taranaki, the snow-capped peaks around Mount Cook and the many waterfalls in Fiordland National Park are all natural splendors to go and admire. For everyday living, Auckland is pleasant with its beaches, less than the colorful capital of Wellington, where the quality of life and the cultural and artistic life are at the top.
4- Ireland

Ireland is among the Top 5 best countries to retire in due to the constant improvement of its healthcare system. In addition, the island has towns that provide an ideal setting for living a peaceful life. Like Belfast and its Victorian architecture, Galway, a vibrant and charming port city and Cork, with its many cathedrals and museums. If one aspires to make retirement a moment to walk in nature to maintain the muscles and breathe deeply, he makes it known that Ireland is particularly famous for its beautiful wild nature. County Kerry and its mountains, the Cliffs of Moher and the flora and fauna of Connemara National Park are wonderful places to live in fusion with an unspoiled natural environment.

3- Norway

If Norway occupies the third position in this ranking, it is because happiness, the quality of the air and its exceptional natural environment contribute to aging well. The Trolltunga rock which overhangs the Ringedalsvatnet lake and the surrounding reliefs almost in itself symbolizes the strength of a nature which never ceases to fascinate. And what about the sunny summers strolling through the Lofoten Islands and their translucent waters, all near the Arctic Circle. On another getaway, head to the Sognefjord fjord, one of the most beautiful in the country. As for the cities, the capital Oslo does not fail to seduce for its serenity, its green spaces and its sites of cultural interest. Unless you prefer a cool retreat to the north, in the no less charming town of Tromsø with its colorful 18th century houses.

2- Switzerland

Very easily accessible from France, Switzerland has all the assets for a peaceful retirement. It is mainly its environmental factors that have taken the habit of propelling it to the top of the rankings. Country of mountains, we settle there to fill up with a striking nature and to exert oneself. In the alpine environment of the Interlaken region, hiking, mountain biking, climbing and mountaineering have something to satisfy those who dream of a dynamic retirement! The mountainous region of Valais and the Bernese Oberland also offer panoramas and colors that you want to enjoy for hours. Lucerne, Lausanne, are all cities where the quality of life is present, and the architectural heritage remarkable.

1- Iceland

Clearly, the countries of the North are popular for a happy retirement. If there is one destination that we have heard more and more about in recent years, it is Iceland, which comes first in this ranking. The destination stands out for its good standard in terms of health, finances as well as material well-being. With a beautiful and awe-inspiring natural environment, Iceland is also remarkable for air quality and for its emphasis on ecology. The Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, the geysers at Geysir, the western fjords and the whales that inhabit the waters around Husavik and Akureyri are all elements that one wants to see, offering rejuvenating expeditions to the fresh air and which greatly contribute to making retirement a pure moment of happiness.