A 35-year-old man was arrested on Saturday in the attack in New York on "Honey, I shrunk the kids" actor Rick Moranis, authorities said.

Suspect Marquis Ventura was spotted by transit officers in the subway system near 72nd Street and Broadway, a few blocks from where the October 1 assault took place in Central Park West near 70th Street, Sgt. Said Anwar Ishmael.

Police did not identify the victim as Moranis but did refer to the assault outside the actor’s building on the Upper West Side. Moranis was hit by a man wearing an "I Love NY" sweatshirt, and the assault was captured on security video.

Moranis, 67, hit the ground after the punch and was later taken to hospital. It doesn’t appear that the actor did anything to provoke his attacker.

At the time, Moranis’s spokesperson confirmed he was the victim of an assault. "He is fine but is grateful for everyone's thoughts and wishes," Troy Bailey said after the attack became public.

Police said Ventura was apprehended and then arrested on suspicion of second degree assault, which includes the allegation that he "intended to cause serious injury to another person."

Further details about the suspect, including whether he retained the services of a lawyer, were not immediately known.