To improve your feeling of vitality in case of vitamin C deficiency, a study suggests eating two kiwis a day for at least two weeks rather than opting for dietary supplements. The detail.

It is better to eat a whole fruit rich in vitamin C than to take supplementation in the form of tablets. This is the conclusion of a new scientific study from the University of Otago, New Zealand, which recently appeared in the journal Nutrients.

The study here was conducted among 167 participants aged 18 to 35 with low levels of vitamin C. They were randomly divided into three groups: one group eating two kiwis daily, one group taking vitamin tablets. C (250 mg per day), and a last group, placebo, taking tablets without active ingredient. The experiment lasted four weeks, with the volunteers' vitamin C levels checked by blood samples every fifteen days, while mood, fatigue and general well-being were reported by questionnaires throughout the experiment. 'study.

Results: Vitamin C levels in the group eating two kiwis per day and in the group taking supplementation returned to normal within two weeks. Not surprisingly, no increase in vitamin C levels was observed in the placebo group. In contrast, participants who ate kiwi fruit have been shown to report a better sense of vitality than others.

“Whole fruits showed a wider range of benefits: they reduced fatigue and improved mood and well-being in more people than what we saw in the supplement group,” summarized Professor Tamlin Conner, lead author of the study. He was however keen to point out that the vitamin C tablets did reduce fatigue and, to a certain extent, improve the well-being of the participants. But it would still be better to prefer the daily consumption of kiwis or other foods rich in vitamin C (peppers, oranges, broccoli, Brussels sprouts ...), because they contain other virtues and ingredients useful for health, like dietary fiber or other vitamins and minerals.

Dr Conner suggests that it could be because of its high fiber content, which is good for intestinal transit, that kiwifruit is so good for morale, as the gut and brain are closely linked.