September has arrived and for many of us, it means back to school! If you're not lucky enough to be one of those going on an off-season vacation, chances are that some nostalgia will kick in once your suitcases are put away, your swimsuits folded up, and your sunscreen left in a room. drawer. However, there are several tips to bring a little sunshine in your daily life and find that pleasant lifestyle that you adopt during the holidays. Here are our 10 tips for extending your vacation, again and again!

Improvise as a tourist at home

It is well known, when traveling, we have a series of cultural visits and when we return home, we never think of visiting the city or the region in which we live! However, we are sure that a unique heritage is only a few kilometers from where you live. Normans, how long have it been since you went to Mont-Saint-Michel? Parisians, have you ever visited the Louvre Museum entirely? From Bordeaux, enjoy the Dune du Pilat out of season!

Monoï, a summer scent

If there is a scent that reminds you of holidays, it's monoi! Spray a few touches in the morning on your clothes, you will have the impression of being in the Maldives or Polynesia all day! And, to make sure you don't spoil anything, you can keep using your sunscreen when you get back. It will protect you from the UV rays still present and hydrate your skin, giving it an irresistible summer scent!

Cooking summer and exotic dishes

On vacation, we have time to cook. Barbecue, grills and fresh and colorful salads, it's time to enjoy seasonal products! The seaside restaurants also have the coast, they allow to have a pleasant view while tasting local specialties. It's difficult to bring this panorama to your home to prolong the moment, however it is possible to cook up good meals and make the most of your garden or the terraces of the surrounding restaurants.

Sort your vacation photos

When you return from vacation, you often tend to forget your photos in your phone or memory card until the following year. However, sorting them and making slideshows or photo albums allows you to recall your most beautiful vacation memories and easily share them with your loved ones (if you have not already done so through social networks. In this case, we advise you to keep your albums to yourself instead!).

Do physical activity

If on vacation you are full of physical activities (hiking, swimming, cycling, etc.), don't lose this good habit when you return! Whenever possible, try to get around by bike, go to the swimming pool and explore the various hiking trails near you. Taking time for yourself is essential, so set up this routine from the first days of September!

Prepare for your next weekend

Just because the vacation is over doesn't mean you shouldn't think about your next getaway! For a weekend, it is pleasant to visit a new region and, why not, a European city (if the health situation allows it). For an exceptional night and a change of scenery, think about atypical accommodation (treehouses, bubbles ...). Sea, mountain or countryside: the choice is yours!

Read travel novels

To escape from your daily life, nothing better than a good book! You certainly have novels in your library that will make you travel. If you are short of ideas, do not hesitate to draw from our selection. In just a few pages, take off to Cuba, Thailand, India and why not take a trip around the world in eighty days? Here is a great way to extend your vacation, lying in a hammock, a book in hand.

Enjoy the last rays of the sun

Returning from vacation does not always rhyme with gloomy weather, especially since September is often sunny in France. Take the opportunity to recharge your vitamin D intake before autumn really comes to the fore! A nap in the garden, lunch on the terrace or an improvised picnic in a park, there are all good reasons to enjoy the last rays of sun just a stone's throw from home!

 Go green at home

If you live in the city, returning from vacation will probably be difficult. After having known the fresh air and the great outdoors for several days, your studio will seem much less pleasant than before. If you are not lucky enough to have a garden, why not give your interior a little life by bringing in nature? To do this, add green plants and flowers that will bring color to your daily life!

Take a micro-nap

If we take the time to rest in the early afternoon during the holidays, this is not always possible on a daily basis. However, as soon as the opportunity arises, do not hesitate to give yourself a micro-nap during your lunch break. Closing your eyes for about twenty minutes will allow you to be much more efficient in the afternoon. Sure, you'll always miss the sound of the waves and the chirping of birds, but although we want to prolong them, the holidays are well and truly over!