Created from scratch in 1800 by the first president of the United States on the marshy plains between the northern and southern states, the city of Washington, District of Columbia (DC for friends) has much more to offer than just the fact to be the federal capital. Administrative city, residence of the President of the United States (the White House), seat of the American Congress (the Capitol) and Defense (the Pentagon), it knows how to seduce its visitors. Designed by the French architect Pierre Charles L'Enfant, DC is a city where it is good to stroll around its wide avenues, its buildings on a human scale, its parks and gardens, its immaculate white monuments and the rich collections of its museums (mostly free). And then, to wander in Washington D.C., it is to travel at all times the History of America. In addition to the many festivals held there throughout the year, the vibrant neighborhoods of Georgetown, Dupont Circle, U Street and Adams Morgan are full of jazz clubs, friendly bars and other theaters of all kinds. Perfect for relaxing after a day of sightseeing! And for those who want a breath of fresh air, the Chesapeake Bay and its crab culinary specialties, the neighboring national parks and the charming surrounding villages in Virginia or Maryland will offer you the opportunity to fully enjoy nature east coast greenery.

The Capitol consists of a huge dome that mimics that of the Pantheon in Rome, and two wings, the Senate and the House of Representatives. In 1791, President George Washington, in collaboration with French architect L’Enfant, decided that the Capitol would be built at the meeting point of the four main districts of Washington. The construction was entrusted to the German architect Henry Latrobe. However, in 1815, the English destroyed what had been erected. The architect Charles Bulfinch took over and completed the construction of part of the building in 1824. The set was not completed until 1867. At the top of the Capitol stands the Statue of Liberty (an eagle resting on the head of the woman and a paw of the animal hides her ear), emblem of the freedom of individuals and the end of slavery in Washington, in 1863. The statue, inspired by Greek and Roman models, was produced in 1855 by sculptor Thomas Crawford.

The White House is the oldest public building in the District of Columbia. At the White House Information Center you will find brochures in French describing the interior of the presidential house. It is the official residence and office of POTUS (President of the United States) and FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States). This building was constructed between 1792 and 1800 in Aquia sandstone. Although originally white, it was repainted following the fire that ravaged it in 1814, hence its name. It has a swimming pool and a green. The administration offices are located in the west wing, and among them the famous oval office.

The Lincoln Memorial was erected between 1914 and 1922 in tribute to President Abraham Lincoln, it is the work of Daniel Chester French, who was inspired to build Greek Doric temples. The interior wall paintings are signed Jules Guérin. The superb white monument shelters a huge statue of Lincoln. It was on these steps that Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech "I have a dream" on August 28, 1963.

Equidistant from the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial, the memorial is dedicated to the memory of Pastor King, not far from the steps on which he delivered his most famous speech. Open since 2011, it is the work of Chinese artist Lei Yixin. The first memorial dedicated to an African-American on the Mall, it was inaugurated by Barack Obama, MLK being one of his personal heroes. The large white statue stands out from a block of granite symbolizing the mountain of despair. Luther King faces us, before the Tidal Basin, arms crossed and determined, with all his greatness of thought and soul.

The Library of Congress and its three buildings now make up the largest library in the world, founded in 1800: the Thomas Jefferson Building (1897), where the Visitor Center, the John Adams Building (1938) and the James Madison Memorial are located. Building (1981). Note the beautiful golden ceiling of the large reading room. The 


 The eclecticism of the DC districts will allow you to wander between the very chic and university Georgetown, the African-American district of U Street with its multiple jazz clubs, Columbia Heights and its Latin accents or even the gigantic National Mall where the main monuments of the city. There is in particular the Washington Monument. Inspired by the obelisk at Place de la Concorde in Paris, it is the tallest masonry structure in the world and has become one of the emblems of the city of Washington. This memorial in honor of George Washington was erected between 1848 and 1884 by Robert Mills. You can climb to its summit which peaks at 169 meters.

Here more than elsewhere, the visitor is delighted with regard to museums. Washington has priceless treasures in its bloated museums, the most famous of which are the Smithsonian Institution, the National Gallery of Art, the Phillips Collection or the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The majority of them are free, a highlight of the capital of the USA. Thanks to the Kennedy Center, the performing arts are also perfectly represented. In Baltimore, at the Walters Art Museum, another treasure of the country, the visitor discovers a splendid collection of American and Asian art.

The people of Washington D.C. and the surrounding area are warm and welcoming. The parade time for July 4, Independence Day, is celebrated like nowhere else in the United States. The day ends with a magnificent fireworks display. A big moment. In any case, the traveler, throughout his journey, discovers how easy contact is with the inhabitants who are always ready to discuss and provide assistance. We can count on the Americans to inform and help the lost visitor. Do not hesitate to go to the Visitor Centers of the national parks, the highly qualified staff is happy to inform travelers. In general in the United States, great importance is attached to the concept of service. Overall, it’s very easy to travel.