Going by plane from one climate to another in a few hours, lazing on a paradisiacal beach, strolling in the most beautiful museums in the world or hiking in the heart of a resplendent nature, all the occasions are good to leave to discover the world. The moments we are going through are undoubtedly an opportunity for many to dream of a future beautiful trip, to reach a large, bustling metropolis, an island that enjoys more than generous sunshine or even a region of the world full of surprises. Here are 3 favorite destinations to escape everyday life, recharge your batteries and come back with sweet memories in mind.

New York, stroll through an electric metropolis

New York often appears in the top destinations to visit in the world, and we can only understand it as this city has to offer. The height of its buildings, its emblematic districts with a unique atmosphere, its overflowing cultural offer, its shops and the energy released at every street corner transport travelers to a sort of temporal rift of all desires and where possibilities are endless. Once you have set foot in The Big Apple, you want the must-see, walk through Manhattan to reach Time Square, reach the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock to enjoy one of the most spectacular panoramas in the world, then go and photograph the Flatiron Building, one of the first buildings to be built in the world, in 1902. Moreover, to visit several must-see places in the city, it is strongly recommended to opt for a New York pass. After a moment of going from site to site and marveling, a break in a coffee shop is in order to enjoy a cupcake, a cookie or a cheesecake that will inevitably have a different flavor than at home. Then it's time to reach the Brooklyn Bridge to get away from the Manhattan buildings, never getting tired of the view.

Later, it is the museums that open their doors: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the MoMA and the Guggenheim allow you to admire the works of the greatest artists around the world. The American Museum of National History and Ellis Island Immigration Museum are other places to gain insight into the history of the city that never sleeps. The rest of the stay continues with a few moments of relaxation in Central Park or on Coney Island beach. Grand Ferry Park, a tiny waterfront park in Williamsburg, is a recommended place to escape the hustle and bustle, but still with stunning views.

 The West Indies, heading for sunny destinations

The vast archipelago of the Antilles is an ideal destination for a lazy parenthesis at any time of the year. Among the various islands ready to welcome travelers in need of sun, Martinique and Guadeloupe. French territories, they offer landscapes of breathtaking beauty, and a culture in which it is pleasant to immerse yourself during your stay.

The best way to discover Martinique is still to rent a car, as with Thrifty Antilles. This avoids wasting time on public transport and traveling around the island. 180 km of trails allow you to discover the coast, to go deep into the heart of tropical vegetation and also to climb Mount Pelée. Walking in Martinique means enjoying a great diversity of landscapes and atmospheres. For swimming in translucent waters, reading in the shade of a palm tree or savoring a cocktail on the terrace of a seaside bar, head for the Salines beach or even Sainte-Anne and its countless coves. Martinique has the sweet nickname of Ile aux Fleurs, and a stroll in the splendid botanical garden of Balata is a great opportunity to realize this.

In Guadeloupe, what better than to start with a stop in Deshaies, a small fishing village surrounded by high wooded hills. The Caribbean-style wooden houses and its botanical garden are also must-see attractions. The architectural ridges continue with Pointe-à-Pitre and its superb colonial houses. The city is also an opportunity to browse the markets, stop to taste a ti-punch and then Creole cuisine with inimitable flavors. On the nature side, what can we say except that each place in the Guadeloupe archipelago has its share of beauty? The Route de la Traversée allows expeditions in the tropical forest, to meet the fauna, flora and refreshing waterfalls. A walk to the active volcano of Soufrière after crossing a preserved primary forest, you reach the Pointe de la Grande-Vigie and its steep cliffs whipped by a raging sea. The sea, which we never tire of in Guadeloupe, to bathe in real lagoons and explore the exceptional depths. In Sainte-Anne, Grande Anse and during a getaway to peaceful Marie-Galante, paradise opens wide its doors in Guadeloupe.

Chiapas, a region of various treasures in Mexico

Located in southern Mexico on the border with Guatemala, Chiapas is a state with a unique and strong culture. There is so much to say about this region and its wealth, starting with its emblematic towns and villages. A stroll through San Cristobal de las Casas leads past colorful buildings with typical Mexican colonial architecture, and streets teeming with shops, cafes and restaurants. In the surroundings, one cannot miss the indigenous villages, to meet the locals as in the municipality of San Juan de Chamula and to see the people embroidering and weaving threads of a thousand colors, as in Zinacantán.

Chiapas is also immersing yourself in the heart of Mayan culture, by visiting the archaeological zone of Palenque, one of the most important Mayan cities in all of Meso-America during the Classical period. The remains of the pyramids are exceptional there, as is the lush surrounding forest where it is not uncommon for monkeys to howl in the distance. Monkeys that also inhabit the ancient Mayan city of Calakmul, a more isolated and less frequented place, but just as magical from a historical and architectural point of view.

Finally, how can we not talk about the beauty of nature in Chiapas. The Cañon del Sumidero, a UNESCO-listed site that can be traveled by boat, reveals sheer cliffs and spectacular wildlife. A tourist route also offers superb views of the gorges. Chiapas is also abundantly flowing turquoise water and impressive waterfalls for swimming. Las 3 Tzimoleras and those of Agua Azul are among the most beautiful. Not to mention the Rio Santo Domingo in Las Nubes, where there too the turquoise water offers a charming contrast with the green of the lush forest. Speaking of forest, why not end up crossing the Selva Lacandona. On the border with Guatemala, far from everything, the hikes are punctuated by contact with the local populations descended from the Mayas and the observation of trees, flowers and birds, including the inevitable toucan.