Microsoft believes it's time for the trust manager to take a look at the Apple App Store. In an interview with Politico this week, Brad Smith, Microsoft's legal leader, talked about how he treats parks in Apple stores and how they affect competition.

“If you look at the industry today, I think you’ll see that app stores continue to create high walls and gateways to access other applications that weren’t in the industry 20 years ago,” Smith said. “They claim that there is a way to do it, if we go to the door we made ourselves. In some cases, the stitches are higher, in some cases 30 percent of the revenue for you. All you need is for the provider’s desired payments. "

Although Smith is not Apple's name, Bloomberg has assured that Microsoft will release the company from a special app store.

If you go to the Apple Store, this week will be history. The creators of the creation of the iPhone discussed the controversial decision to abandon the new commercial application Eid. Apple initially liked the app, but later decided to break the rules of the App Store. Apple was accused of socialist activities and heard about the chairman of the House Counterterrorism Committee.

Apple's decision sparked outrage at the Apple Store, as the European Commission announced a formal investigation into the App Store and Apple Pay assets. It also prevented Apple from forcing developers to create apps on their devices just days before Apple's annual WWDC conference.

“Whether we are talking about Washington or Brussels at the moment, I think it will be very interesting to discuss the nature of the store, the rules requested, the price and the tools being created, as well as what the owners will use. said Smith.

The experience and history of capitalism seems to be close to 20 years after Microsoft was found not guilty of misusing tests related to connecting the Internet Explorer to Windows. Finally, Microsoft was forced to open Windows more than third-party developers and has been involved in operations for many years. The European Commission went even further, announcing that Microsoft had created a separate version of Windows without the Windows Media Player package and offered voice messages to Internet customers at will.

An investigation into the EU's Apple App Store has yet to begin, so it's unclear what steps will be taken, but Microsoft is actually sitting aside and taking steps to support it. Microsoft has faced a particular problem in the Apple store. Computer makers tried to get the SkyDrive (now called OneDrive) app for the iPhone in 2012, but the app is fighting for 30% of its revenue from cloud storage. This is a small container for iOS on the Microsoft test site.

Recently, Microsoft tried to launch a game streaming service for iOS for iOS. The company has released a preliminary version, but the “App Store rules” app only covers the game and is limited to the Android version. Microsoft has not yet officially announced why Xxus is linked to its App Store policy. Apple revised its App Store policy to allow mobile apps like Steam Link Value gaming services during WWDC 2018, but xCloud and Google Stadia have yet to open the App Store.

Microsoft has benefited from various ads for apps in the App Store, despite its opposition to Apple through its App Store policies. Microsoft also appeared on the WWDC platform last year to promote Minecraft Earth, and the company introduced Apple stories in an Office update for the iPhone and iPad.

 Microsoft benefits from the Apple App Store, in terms of revenue and the development and exploitation of applications by companies. Microsoft sees Windows as the Windows mobile equivalent of many restrictions imposed by Windows policies and the Apple App Store. This Android contribution allows Microsoft to work more closely with Google and Samsung, and launches applications like Windows Phone for phones that work with iPhone.

Apple now covers the protections of its policies on the App Store, but many companies are asking for a change. Spotify brought the package with antimicrobial lawsuits last year, and now Epic Games, Rakuten, Match Group, Microsoft and others have expressed their feelings. As the EU continues its review, calls will likely increase, but Apple is not afraid to back down if we know of a battle with European regulators.