For some countries, the capital is of major importance in terms of tourism (Paris, London ...), for others, however, it comes down to a simple airport that is abandoned upon arrival! Certainly, to discover a country and its traditions, one must not be satisfied to visit its capital. However, seat of the great political authorities, but also of an intense cultural life, it is often worth the detour and its visit can prove ... capital! Here we have selected fifteen world capitals that deserve to stop there before venturing elsewhere!

Paris, of course


Yes, Paris is always a good idea (Paris is always a good idea)! Unmissable, the French capital perfectly combines culture and entertainment. At the forefront of fashion, there are the trendiest bars in the country and the most trendy shops. But Paris is also home to its countless museums - from the vast Louvre to the sumptuous Musée d'Orsay, and its monuments recognized internationally as the famous Iron Lady. A symbolic city that we discover and rediscover always with passion.

Rome, the eternal


Rome is a must! Eternal city, cradle of Western culture, the Italian capital is an open-air museum. From the Colosseum to the Forum, a real dive into ancient Rome is on the program, before taking your eyes full of mythical monuments like the Trevi Fountain (and we do not forget to throw a coin there to be sure to come back !). As a bonus, we leave with a few extra pounds, because the cuisine is divine!

Tokyo, the bubbling


If you are a city dweller at heart and swear by the bustling big cities at the forefront of modernity, it is indeed in Tokyo that you must go! If this is not the case, rest assured: in the Japanese capital, modernism and tradition meet constantly and gigantic skyscrapers meet typical small houses and sumptuous temples. Tokyo is also an example of unequaled citizenship, here everything seems to be settled like music paper!

Moscow, immensely


A huge city, like its mainland, Moscow is the capital of Russia and the seat of the Kremlin. Dynamic, it is a festive and lively city from morning to evening that will delight esthetes as well as night owls. It is on Red Square that we discover its flagship monuments such as Saint-Basile-le-Bienheureux cathedral and its famous bell towers with colorful bulbs or the Lenin mausoleum. Summer and winter, Moscow knows how to highlight its best assets.

La Paz, at altitude


The highest capital in the world, La Paz rises to 3,600 m! It is not the only capital of Bolivia, it shares the title with Sucre, the constitutional capital. La Paz is a capital in relief that we discover at the whim of its peripherals which lead to the highest hill districts. For a 360 ° view of the city, however, you will have to walk and go to the Killi Killi viewpoint: beware, it is climbing!

London, the extravagant


Avant-garde city if ever there was one, London is an essential capital. Here an incomparable dynamism coexists with an exceptional heritage, Westminster or Saint Paul's Cathedral are brilliant examples. Its museums are also full of works of art to be discovered: one is particularly amazed at the antiques of the British museum or in front of the works of Turner at the Tate Museum. To discover and rediscover without ever getting tired!

Mexico, mythical


From Aztec vestiges to Frida Kahlo via tequila and burritos, several images come to mind when we think of Mexico! But the capital of Mexico cannot be discovered so easily, it will take time to tame it and it is by strolling through its neighborhoods that you will discover it best. A lively city with a thousand colors, you will be won over by the richness of its historical and culinary heritage.

Cairo, pharaonic


Epicenter of Egyptian civilization, it would be very difficult to sum up all the architectural richness of a capital like Cairo! Besides the fortress of Babylon, the souk Khân al-Khalili and the Coptic museum, we will not fail to head west towards the mythical pyramids of Cheops and the fascinating Sphynx. To visit Cairo is to discover a unique culture and history, a trip you will not forget!

Washington, grand


The capital of the United States is home to institutions known to everyone, from the White House to the Pentagon and the Capitol. Here, few skyscrapers unlike other cities in the country, these have been replaced by many museums retracing American history such as the National Portrait Gallery, or the National Museum of Natural History. After having full of culture, we stroll in its trendy neighborhoods, with many green spaces like the East Potomac Park.

 Lisbon, unmissable

In recent years, Lisbon has become an essential destination. Despite this intense tourism, the Portuguese capital has managed to maintain its relaxed lifestyle and the beauty of its panorama that we admire from one of the many watchtowers is no longer to be proven. Among the districts to discover, the most emblematic is without a doubt the Alfama crossed by the famous yellow tram! We also go to Belém for its historic tower and its succulent pasteis de nata!

Bangkok, between tradition and modernity

As for tradition, you have to see Wat Pho temple in Bangkok. It is a must, especially for its gigantic statue of the reclining Buddha. The royal palace and Wat Phra Kaew, one of the most sacred temples in Thailand with its Emerald Buddha is also highly recommended! In terms of modernity, it is the Mahanakhon, the tallest tower in the city, which will give chills to all those who are dizzy!

 Valletta, island capital

With less than 7,000 inhabitants, Valletta is one of the smallest capitals in Europe, yet it has everything great! Here, the vestiges of a multicultural past coexist: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, but also French and English have left their traces there. The old town and its Renaissance architecture is of rare beauty, as are the Baracca gardens with Mediterranean essences.

Athens, in the heart of ancient Greece


Along with Rome, Athens is undoubtedly one of the cradles of Western civilization. To visit it is to immerse yourself in its ancient history, especially when you walk on the Acropolis and find yourself facing the famous Parthenon. If you are looking for a little souvenir, it is in the Plaka district that you will find your happiness, otherwise prefer the Psiri or Monastiraki districts to enjoy the Greek sun on the terrace and, of course, taste the delicious local specialties!

Buenos Aires, the warm


If Buenos Aires is not the most exotic of the capitals of South America, it is an exciting and passionate city! Football is religion there, just like the tango which animates the San Telmo district. But Buenos Aires is not just that, we will also discover the colorful houses of the Caminito, in the middle of the La Boca district, or the trendiest bars in the elegant Palermo district. The capital of Argentina has a thousand and one faces!

Budapest, along the Danube


With less than three hours of flight from France, Budapest is an exotic capital which offers a multitude of activities to travelers. Spa town, it is the ideal destination for a weekend of relaxation, especially in its Szechényi baths where Budapesters and tourists flock both summer and winter. From one side of the Danube to the other, from Buda to Pest, you can admire Buda Castle, Saint Stephen's Basilica or the Parliament before enjoying an electrifying nightlife!