Frequent travelers, are you tired of "classic" destinations? Are you planning a vacation but want to avoid hordes of tourists at all costs? It's time to go off the beaten track to discover places that are still little-known or little-known, but which are definitely worth a visit! Here are the twenty favorites of Petit Futé. Do not hesitate to add to this list!

Sarajevo, the Bosnian pearl


Still scorched by the painful war that affected the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Sarajevo has nevertheless managed to rise to become a bewitching city. In this multi-ethnic city, Muslims, Orthodox and Christians rub shoulders in peace. Churches therefore succeed mosques in an often contrasting decor which seeks to forget the traces of a painful past. You will understand, Sarajevo is lived more than it is visited.

The Principality of Liechtenstein, the Alpine treasure


Nestled between Austria and Switzerland, this tiny country is often forgotten by travelers! Besides, did you know that its capital was Vaduz? However, this 160 m2 territory is a true paradise for lovers of hiking or mountain biking. Lush nature awaits you, with its streams, mountains and lakes.

Albarracín, the breathtaking medieval city


In eastern Spain, south of Barcelona, ​​is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Europe: Albarracín. Built on the sides of a mountain, it is surrounded by red walls and hanging houses at 1,200 m above sea level. It is thanks to its cathedral, its towers and especially its narrow streets that the village is today part of the network of "most beautiful villages in Spain".

Albania and its wild Riviera


We know the Italian Riviera well, even more the “French Riviera”, but why pile up on its beaches when the Albanian Riviera has everything to seduce us? It is between Vlora and Saranda, in the south of the country, that stretches a still wild coast where fabulous beaches with transparent waters follow one another. On the road, you will come across many coves that inspire swimming in an idyllic setting.

Kerguelen Islands, France from the end of the world


The Kerguelen Islands are part of the TAAF, the southern and Antarctic lands of France. These overseas territories are still very little known to travelers, as they are quite difficult to access. Located at the gates of Antarctica, at the extreme south of the Indian Ocean, the Kerguelen Islands offer a particular, almost lunar landscape, which will appeal to adventurers in search of virgin and wild lands.

São Tomé and Principe, little-known Africa


São Tomé and Principe is one of the smallest countries on the African continent. Often overlooked - even unknown - by travelers, this tiny archipelago offers wild and deserted beaches, crystal clear waters and lush nature. In addition, we call São Tomé and Principe the “chocolate island” since it is one of the world's leading producers of cocoa. In short, a little piece of paradise just waiting to be explored ... Finally, not too fast! Keep the secret as long as possible!

Sartène, the most Corsican of all Corsicans


Merimee said of her that she was "the most Corsican of the Corsican cities", it is therefore here that one must go to find the soul and the island culture. In the heart of the island, Sartène is erected at an altitude of 300 m and has been firmly attached to the rocky outcrop of Pitraghiu since the Middle Ages. The old town is a maze of very picturesque cobbled streets and small shaded squares where it is good to cool off in summer.

Chefchaouen, that blue dream


Morocco is one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Outside of Marrakech or Agadir, do not hesitate to discover more typical villages like Chefchaouen. Located in the northwest of the country, at the foot of the Kelaa and Meggou mountains, this village is distinguished by the blue color of its walls. Its narrow streets and its idyllic setting make it a city full of charm and authenticity.

Colle di Val d'Elsa, the secret Tuscany


Italy is beautiful. Tuscany is sublime. You already thought you had toured the region? Know that the peninsula conceals paesini all more astonishing than the others, off the usual tourist trails. This is the case of Colle di Val d'Elsa. This charming little Tuscan village has nothing to envy its big sister: Siena. With tourists less, we even fall in love even faster. The historic center, "Colle alta", is a real medieval gem.

 Isla del Sol, on the highest lake in the world

If we talk to you about Copacabana, you immediately think of Brazil, don't you? Think again ! It is also a small Bolivian town from which we reach the Isla del Sol. This island is the most important of Lake Titicaca and is home to many pre-Columbian remains as well as coves of white sand. Please note, since April 2017, we can no longer access the north for internal conflicts.

Montenegro, hidden gem of the Adriatic


Montenegro has it all! Independent since 2006, this young country is still spared from the large tourist flows. It offers an immersion in unspoiled nature, for a stay between sea and mountains to discover a very rich heritage. Its medieval cities like Koto and Budvar are remarkably well preserved and allow to combine cultural discovery and relaxation on the beach.

Algeria, a land to discover


Much less visited than the other Maghreb countries, Algeria nevertheless has a good number of exceptional historic sites. We are impressed by the incredibly well preserved Roman remains of the beautiful Djemila, in the middle of the mountains, or by the ruins of Tipasa reflecting the importance of the city under the Roman Empire. To the delight of adventurers, Algeria is also home to the most mythical desert in the world: the Sahara.

Galicia, Spain green side


A top tourist destination, Spain welcomes a large number of visitors each year. Far from these great tourist flows, Galicia and its natural landscapes seduce lovers of greenery and tranquility. Faced with the Atlantic, its jagged and windy coast has often frightened navigators, so much so that it has been renamed "death coast". It is also a land of folklore: the Carnival of Verin will give you the most beautiful example!

Minsk, mysterious and welcoming


Since February 2017, Belarus is accessible without a visa for a stay of less than 5 days. It is therefore perfect for a city break or for a stopover before reaching Russia. At first glance, Minsk shows an apparent austerity in its imposing Stalinist architecture. You have to enter the Faubourg de la Trinité to see its narrow streets and typical houses, and take part in its festive evenings to capture the atmosphere of this so mysterious capital.

Bratislava, along the Danube


Between Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic, Bratislava is often considered as a stage of travel. However, the Slovak capital alone is a destination of choice! Its historic center brings together exceptional monuments like the Gothic Saint-Martin cathedral or its castle which overlooks the Danube. We also love its festive nights and its many museums such as the Slovak National Gallery where the great names of national painting are exhibited.

Leeuwarden, a cultural discovery


European Capital of Culture 2018, Leeuwarden has been in the spotlight since January. Capital of the Dutch province of Friesland, it is surrounded by soft meadows where cows graze peacefully. Beware of this bucolic image, Leeuwarden is also a dynamic city with a rich heritage! Its Oldehove is the symbol of the city. This leaning tower of the 16th century is often compared to the famous tower of Pisa.

Transylvania, in the heart of the Carpathians


Its picturesque atmosphere never ceases to awaken the soul of the man who made this Romanian region famous: Dracula. In the middle of the Carpathians, the mountain landscapes of Transylvania form a sumptuous backdrop. Bran Castle, better known as Dracula Castle, is a good starting point to capture the atmosphere of the place. You should also visit Sighişoara, Sibiu and Braşov, very well preserved medieval towns.

Belize, a tropical paradise


Open to the Caribbean Sea, Belize is home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world: it is the perfect destination for diving enthusiasts! 250 km of sublime coastline are also available to those who prefer to laze on the beach. Still preserved from mass tourism, the country has all the natural beauties to compete with the Bahamas. Culture level, we will discover the Mayan Lamanai site, in the middle of the jungle.