Gone are the days when you could go backpacking without thinking about tomorrow: traveling with children requires a minimum of organization. But what a joy to have a good time with family! From Edinburgh to Rome, from fairy-tale castles to interactive museums, captivating your blond heads has never been easier! To transmit the travel bug to them as soon as possible, Petit Futé has selected 10 European cities ideal for a family city break.
N ° 10 - Prague, kids friendly

As a party capital, Prague could put off many parents. However, "the city of a hundred spiers" contains places to visit with the family, starting with Petřín! Located in the heart of the city, it is the largest hill in Prague. Prefer the funicular to access it, you will avoid exhausting the whole family! Arrived at the top, you will be cheerfully greeted by ice cream vendors, ponies and an unmissable replica of the Eiffel Tower! Children will be delighted! Please note: dětský jídelníček means "children's menu"!

N ° 9 - Madrid, la vida loca with the family


Often neglected in favor of his sister Barcelona, ​​Madrid is nevertheless a city where life is good. Children enjoy tasting tapas and other local specialties, and they are always welcomed in restaurants. The Santiago-Bernabéu stadium is a must! This is an opportunity to see this field in real life that inspires young and old and above all, to leave with a souvenir jersey bearing the image of his favorite footballer! For a family day, prefer the Retiro Park, the city's green lung and Sunday meeting for all Madrid residents!

N ° 8 - Brussels and the 9th art


With its gastronomy, Brussels has everything to please the little ones: fries, waffles and chocolates will delight their palate! Many museums are also to be discovered, such as the Children's Museum which is entirely dedicated to them. Do not forget to devote a day to comics, national pride: Tintin, the Smurfs ... There are countless heroes who were born in Belgium! The youngest will be delighted to go in search of murals in the city before visiting the museum dedicated to this 9th art.

N ° 7 - Vienna, in the footsteps of the Empress


In Vienna, the unmissable attraction is Shönbrunn, undoubtedly. Allow at least one day to visit this majestic enclosure. Its gardens, zoo and superb puppet theater will delight families. But it is especially the interior that is worth the detour: over the rooms, you will be transported to a magical world where we find many memories of the one who occupied the place: the famous Empress Elisabeth, better known by the name from Sissi!

N ° 6 - Copenhagen, a paradise for toddlers


In Copenhagen, your dear little ones will appreciate the fairytale castles, the colorful houses, the splendid statue of the Little Mermaid and above all ... the amusement parks! They are among the oldest in the world! The “Tivoli Gardens”, for example, opened in 1843. It is said that Andersen walked there several times. In the evening, the atmosphere is magical and very romantic. The opportunity for parents to meet while the little ones are having fun on one of the biggest carousels in the world!

N ° 5 - Edinburgh, the legendary


Cities of all legends, from the most terrifying to the friendliest, Edinburgh is a destination of choice for family vacations. Children will appreciate seeing the castle that served as the setting for the last Harry Potter! It is also an opportunity to revise your historical knowledge while enjoying a splendid view of the city. A land of traditions, Edinburgh will also please for its marked culture, from kilts to bagpipes. Parents will savor (in moderation!) Succulent whiskeys!

N ° 4 - London, in the heart of the kingdom


If there is one destination that is unanimous, it is London! The teenagers will love its trendy side while the little ones will get excited with the statues of Paddington, the traveling bear! Easy to access, the British capital contains many attractions: from Madame Tussaud's museum and its wax statues to the Warner Bros Studio Tour which takes you in the footsteps of Harry Potter. Ideal for a weekend!

N ° 3 - Lapland, land of Santa Claus


We all dreamed of Lapland! What could be better than giving this gift to your cherub? The two essential visits are Santapark and the village of Santa Claus: even in the middle of August, you will see the eyes of the children light up! Also take advantage of this white paradise to make beautiful family excursions, by snowmobile or sleigh. Be careful, the temperatures are very low in winter, so plan to leave charged enough so that everyone is equipped!

 N ° 2 - Paris, escapade in the city of lights

From the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre via the banks of the Seine, you will always find a place to amaze your children in Paris! A city of lights if ever there was one, the capital leaves an unforgettable memory to those who visit it for the first time. Take advantage of the many activities on offer, such as the Cité des Sciences or the famous Seine cruises. You see, Disneyland Paris is not the only attraction for toddlers after all (even if, it certainly remains the favorite)!

N ° 1 - Rome and its treasures


In Rome and in Italy in general, the bambino is king! Here, it's a bit of a paradise for children who will discover the city of gladiators and other ancient heroes. A veritable open-air museum, the Italian capital will amaze them: from the Trevi fountain to the Colosseum, passing by the Vatican and its Swiss guards. In terms of cuisine, the whole family will be delighted to taste pizza and gelati. Don't forget the carbonara pasta, the Roman specialty par excellence, which will amaze your taste buds!